Becoming a Monster’s Bride (9)

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“This is the entrance to the tomb where Cainbert, the founder of Seroif, has been buried.”

The place where the two of them had been walking was along the narrow trail for quite a long way until eventually, they reached a front door that was made out of huge stones.

Roelin stood side by side and began looking at the huge door while still listening to Kergel.
Then, she tilted back her head a little to see at the structure that was believed to be a tomb.

It was so huge that she couldn’t even see it all with just a mere glance.

It was surprising to see where the stones used to build this huge tomb had come from.

Without realizing it, she opened her mouth and exclaimed a little.
Then, she widened her eyes embarrassedly at her own reaction.
Kergel glanced at her as he raised the corners of his mouth.

“It is still too early to be surprised.”


When he saw her look of wonder, he simply took a stride as he omitted any further explanation.
Then, he stood right in front of the door and looked back at her once again.

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“As I said earlier, only Cainbert’s descendants are allowed to enter this place.
Or you can enter only if you are coming in with his descendants.”


He nodded while recalling what Roelin had been informed before entering the forest.
Kergel pointed his head at the door made of huge stones with his lips pursed and continued.

“Maybe, Empress, you’ve only understood what I said in a formal kind of sense.
You thought that it was such a sanctuary that could not be entered without the permission of the Royal Family.”

“…is that not it?”

Roelin tilted her head and asked.
Her forehead narrowed slightly as she wondered if his words could mean anything else.

“Well, if you look at it, it can be said literally… It would actually be faster for you to see it with your own eyes.”

“What is that…”

A strange thing suddenly transpired even before Roelin could finish selecting a question.

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As soon as Kergel’s hand touched the door that was right in front of him, it began to open itself accompanied with a roar.

It had such a large size that even the ground had vibrated due to the movement of that door, which seemed to be very difficult to open—even if dozens of people were to rush in.

Roelin took a step back, surprised by the vibration of the ground that she was standing on.
But she could no longer back down after that.
When Roelin felt that he was at her back, he was actually already standing behind her while giving her support.

“Only those with Cainbert’s blood can actually open the door to the tomb.”

Roelin turned her head and looked at Kergel instead.
After he lowered his hand that was lightly holding onto her shoulder, he gestured forward with his chin.

A ray of light was leaking just from the inside of the door.
It was light that looked like the sun, which resembled his golden pair of eyes.

She inadvertently stepped forward as if she was being possessed by the light itself.
Then, she naturally went inside the tomb with his assistance as well.

“It’s cold.”

As soon as Roelin entered the tomb, she trembled before she soon stopped walking.
She got goosebumps due to the cold that permeated from the inside of the tomb itself.
She thought that perhaps it had been an old tomb, she even felt some kind of a chilling sensation too.

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At that moment, something bulky was draped over her shoulder.
She was surprised and immediately tried to take off whatever was wrapping around her shoulder.

“Just put it on.”

Only then did Roelin realize that it was Kergel’s cloak that was already around her shoulders.

Then, her body began to tremble in a different sense altogether.
However, Kergel briefly clicked his tongue and opened his mouth as he wondered if Roelin was still feeling cold.

“The ceremony will be over soon.”

“…Ah, yes.”

Roelin hesitated for a moment before she nodded and gave her reply.
Kergel then took the lead while they walked.
Thanks to this, she was able to avoid being caught by him with that red face of hers.

‘I must be crazy.’

She lightly tapped her hot cheeks with her hands.
As soon as he realized that she was wearing Kergel’s cloak, her face turned immensely bright.

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It might have been due to her being embarrassed, but it could also have been because of his body temperature transfer that was left on that cape itself.
But no, it was just her mere illusion.

His body temperature couldn’t have remained so vividly imbued all over the cape until now.

“This way.”

Roelin eventually got lost in thoughts and she had only come back to her senses when she heard his voice.
Kergel was already standing a couple of steps ahead while reaching out for her.

Before she knew it, she had already passed a long passage before reaching the front of the stone chamber.
She eventually hurried up to him.
Then, Kergel took Roelin’s hand and began walking into the stone chamber.


Roelin held his hand slightly before she stopped advancing into the stone chamber and exclaimed.
The flames that lit the inside of the stone chamber were an added touch to God’s ‘lonely atmosphere’.

“This is the tomb where Cainbert, the founder of the Empire, is asleep.”

She looked around the inside of the stone chamber while listening to him.
When she entered the stone chamber, she could not think of it as a tomb.
It felt more like she was just in an old historical site instead.

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