Becoming a Monster’s Bride (11)

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She had even forgotten the pain which she felt in the wound on her palm as her shoulders shrank.

At that very moment, the inside of the tomb began to ring.
More precisely, it seemed to be a vibration that was being transmitted from somewhere far outside the tomb, where something was rushing towards this place in groups.

Roelin looked back at him in embarrassment.
Kergel, who was standing next to her by her side while putting his hands on the marble, slowly looked at her with a strange look.
Then, he muttered to himself as he was still looking at her.

“Even so, I did…”

His expression, which had murmured incomprehensible things as he blurred the end of his words before closing his mouth, was simply difficult to explain.

What painted over Kergel’s face was a bunch of complex emotions.
Excitement, disappointment, expectation, anger and other incompatible feelings were being revealed altogether.


When Roelin looked at him with strange eyes, Kergel just smiled and brushed his face away with his unhurt hand.
At the same time, the emotions that were smeared all over his face had disappeared.

And outside the tomb, she heard some beasts were crying out.


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“What are you talking about…”

“It’s the sound of wolves crying—celebrating the completion of the ceremony.”


She looked back at him.
It seemed clear that he had just made a joke, but she couldn’t find any laughter in Kergel’s expression.
In the wind, Roelin couldn’t laugh together as she couldn’t take it seriously, so she just looked ambiguous instead.

Kergel’s lips went upwards as if he had guessed what Roelin was actually thinking.
But he quickly opened his mouth calmly towards her.

“Let’s get out of here now.”

“Is the ritual already over?”

“That’s right.”

She slowly blinked a couple of times with a puzzled look on her face and soon followed him out of the stone chamber in return.


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She could still hear those beasts, no, wolves crying in groups all at once.

“That’s how wolves cry.”

Roelin left the stone chamber and murmured as she walked through the aisle.
Curiosity peeked out from her face.
She slowly looked back while still walking ahead.

“Have you never heard a wolf cry… Oh, of course, I don’t think so.”

Since it is a wild beast that you don’t really see in the Royal Palace.”

She nodded and answered Kergel’s words before she unknowingly frowned, albeit slightly.
And little by little, Roelin’s walking pace began to slow down.

But Kergel was still walking forward as he failed to notice her change.
No, he actually knew.
Should he have said that he didn’t have the time to fix it up?

He kept silent and continued to walk instead.
Packs of wolves were still crying everywhere.
A similar thing was probably happening back at the Emperor’s Palace as well.

The wolves were gathering and crying like that had brought the meaning of congratulating the wolf’s descendants on their return.

‘This woman is really… She’s now my companion.’

That was an undeniable fact.
He received revelations through paintings and he had confirmed that once again by holding the companion ceremony.

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Since Cainbert, the owner of the tomb, had officially recognized the ‘companion’ through wolves.

‘……Anyway, it’s a relief.
Even if the seal does break, at least it can still be prevented.’

Kergel swallowed a bitter smile and brushed against his near left chest.
A ‘seal’ that had been embedded like a jewel right next to the spot where his heart beat was touched at his fingertip.

If the seal had been broken, the only thing that could prevent it was a companion.

‘She’s now the only one who can stop me.’

After reflecting on his emotions that were hard to express, he belatedly realized that her spirit had moved away and paused.
Therefore, he looked back.

Kergel’s expression hardened with a slight frown on his forehead.
It was due to the fact that he had seen her falling behind.

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty.”

Roelin rushed to approach Kergel when she saw that he had stopped in the middle of taking the lead.
However, he kept looking at her without much response before lowering his gaze downward.

Even though he couldn’t see her hidden feet that were beneath the dress, she still faltered and tried to step back since she felt as if she had already been caught barefoot by him.
But even before that, Kergel began to move.

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He knelt down on one of his knees in front of her and lifted the lower end of her dress as it was.

“Your Majesty!”

“……You’ve followed me well in this state.”

Kergel instantly frowned and muttered to himself.

The condition of Roelin’s foot was quite serious.
Not only did her new shoes make her skin turn red during the wedding, but she now had a wound on her foot as blood and discharge were already mixed and started trickling.

Of course, according to Kergel’s usual personality, he would have dismissed this kind of wound as simply nothing.
No, not only that, but everyone in Seroif would have responded similarly as well.

It was their common appearance to not blink at most wounds received.

For example, one of Kergel’s aides was injured during a training session reminiscent of a fight.
It was no exaggeration to say that it had been a serious injury since his stomach was already split and the intestines were almost pouring out.

But no one was surprised or even flustered in the situation.
Even the injured man himself, giggled as he waited for the doctor to come while clutching onto his open stomach.
So, what else was there to say anyway?

Therefore, the wound on Roelin’s foot was honestly not a wound in itself.
It just meant that it was based on the standard of ‘the Royal Daughter of Rakain’, who had grown up well-protected.

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