Becoming a Monster’s Bride (15)

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The only thing that lit up the bedroom was the lamp.
The pattern engraved on the lamp was an elaborate work that closely resembled a wolf.

‘A wolf?’

She tilted her head at the thought that had casually come to her mind.
When the companion ceremony was held, she recalled the cries of those wolves that could be heard from outside of the tomb.

“Can it be an animal that symbolizes Seroif itself? I’ve never heard of that before though…”

Roelin muttered to herself with a strange look before a knock could be heard faintly on the bedroom door.
She shrank in surprise as she gazed at the door.
The tightly closed door slowly parted open.
And one single person eventually stepped into the bedroom.

It was dark in the bedroom, so the face of the person who had just arrived could only reveal a faint outline instead.
But it didn’t mean that she couldn’t really figure out who he was.

In fact, there was only one person who would be visiting her bedroom this late hour.

“…Your Majesty.”

Roelin put down her clothes under the bed and soon prepared to show her courtesy.
The thin pajamas that she was wearing had crumpled under her small hand.
Kergel looked at her hands shaking and approached a little closer to her.

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Roelin looked down and swallowed a breath in.
The thin pajamas which she was wearing caught her eye once again.

The moment she saw her pajamas reflecting her own bare skin, her face turned immensely red.
This was because she could clearly guess what this kind of pajamas had been prepared for.

Actually, it wasn’t just the pajamas.
She blushed even more along with the scent permeating from her body.
Silloa had applied fragrance to Roelin’s body after she took a bath.

All of that would have been for this very moment.

“Hmm, I think the maids are a little bit excessive.
I hope you’d kindly understand.
They didn’t mean anything bad.
Wouldn’t it have been because the expectations for this night were excessive as well?”

At that moment, Kergel coughed in vain and soon opened his mouth.
Perhaps he was also feeling the exact same way as she had felt.
Roelin couldn’t even lift her blushing face properly as she squeezed the cloth that was already in her hand even tighter.

Then, he glanced at her hand, which was just ahead of him, and sighed.
He soon smirked and continued his words.

“Of course, that doesn’t mean that we have to comply with their expectations at all.”


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Roelin was just blankly listening to him as she opened her eyes wide and stared at him.
Kergel shrugged and opened his mouth once more when she finally ‘raised’ her blue eyes.

“Let’s just sleep for today.
No, I hope it’s not just for today, but for the time being.
What do you think?”


Even though she had clearly heard him with her own ears, she was still puzzled and questioned him back instead of answering.
Then, Kergel just shrugged again and added more, just like a light joke.

“You don’t know what ‘let’s just sleep’ means, do you? Or are you sad about what I just said…”

“No! Of course, I like…”

Even though she knew that Kergel was just joking, she became unknowingly embarrassed, so she raised her voice and immediately then shut herself up.
Kergel’s eyes, who were staring at Roelin, narrowed themselves.
But he soon smiled and gave a nod.

“I didn’t know you’d say you’d like that so much…”

“Hey, that’s not it…”

“It’s okay.
I’m not trying to say anything.
It’s true that not only you but I’m not ready for that yet as well.”

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He continued to talk while pointing his eyes towards the bed.

“Of course, that doesn’t mean that I can just stay like this.
Someday, I will embrace you.
Even if it’s to see the latter.”


“However, we’re not in that kind of relationship yet.”

“…Thank you very much for your consideration, Your Majesty.”

Roelin hesitated and bowed her head politely to greet him.
Kergel nodded slightly and turned his head.

It caught his eye that some wine and light refreshments were all set up on the table.

“Shall we have a glass of wine?”

At his suggestion, Roelin nodded.
However, she soon made an awkward look instead.
Kergel was about to head to the table, but when he saw her, he immediately narrowed his forehead.

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“What’s wrong? Is there a problem… oh.”

He tried to ask her a question, but he only made a single noise in response.
Then, he took off his robe and approached Roelin.

“Put this on.”

“…Thank you.”

Roelin hesitated, but she still took his robe and blushed.
She wasn’t confident to face him in that transparent pajamas and he seemed to have noticed such on the inside too.

Roelin put on his robe while thinking that it was rather fortunate.
But she soon had no choice but to have her face dyed even redder.

It was because of the warmth and faint body odor that got transmitted from his own robe.

“What are you doing? You’re not coming over here.”

Kergel was first to approach the table and settled down before calling Roelin over.
She was embarrassed as she gulped in a sigh.
Only then did she approach the table.

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