Hunting Contest (3)

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She looked at the librarian and as soon as she saw him sitting opposite of her with that chair, she spoke out.
Kergel then just shrugged before replying back to Roelin.

“Even this simple thing—I’m not weak enough to get help from others.
You should sit now.”


After responding calmly to his words, Roelin sat back down and put her hands together.
Kergel looked at it quietly and soon turned to the book on the desk before he reached out.

“You must be interested in history.”

“Just a little bit.
And generally, I thought that I should know the history of Seroif in all.”

“Come to think of it, I think Heinez said that he would soon assign some teachers for you.”


Roelin instantly asked with her sparkling eyes.
Kergel looked at her with such curious eyes before he gave a nod.

“Probably because you are the Empress now, but you still have to possess some basic education about the whole empire too.
By the way, I didn’t know that you love studying so much.

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“…I like learning something.”

If someone had been trapped in a Separate Palace like herself while living a boring life, anyone would have felt so.
She answered with a beat late as she looked rather awkward and wondered if she had liked it too much.
Then, the corners of Kergel’s mouth slowly crept upwards.
That figure somehow reminded her of a naughty boy.
Roelin began to wonder and tried tilting her head to one side, but he soon nodded as he opened his mouth in return.

“That’s a relief.
You like to learn.”

“What? What does that mean?”

She asked with a more puzzling look.
Kergel peered at Roelin and stood up.
Roelin then raised her gaze as well.
He reached out to her while still staring at the blue eyes that were looking up at himself.

“I’m going to be your teacher from today onwards.”

“What do you mean, a teacher?”

Roelin’s forehead frowned ever so slightly.
When he saw that she began to wonder without any thoughts of holding his hand in return, he smiled quietly before tugging her hand lightly instead.

“I will be the teacher who is going to teach you horseback riding and archery for the hunting competition that is to be held after the full moon.”


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Roelin grabbed his hand and opened her eyes just like that as she was compelled to stand up unexpectedly.


“Open your eyes and look forward.”


Roelin’s hand that had been holding the reins were trembling.
Her mind instantly went blank as she couldn’t help but only listen to him.

As he realized her condition, Kergel clicked his tongue and steered his horse to Roelin’s side.
When Kergel’s horse approached eventually, the horse that was supporting Roelin slid its head and pulled to a stop.

“I purposely chose the smallest and most timid horse, but I just can’t believe that you’re still so scared.”

He stroked the mane of Roelin’s horse before glancing at her.
On the other hand, Roelin was still quivering with her eyes closed.
Looking at that scene, he felt like he was just about to laugh.

Even in their early teens, women in Seroif would already be driving these sorts of horses easily to the fields.

Obviously, Rakain’s women were much weaker compared to Seroif’s.

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But, why? At this point, that kind of appearance should look ridiculous and pathetic, but this appearance of the Empress felt rather cute instead.

‘What? Cute? I’m going crazy.’

He shook his head and frowned at the thought that he had inadvertently held just then.

He seemed to have gotten such a crazy idea just because she was apparently thinner and weaker than those women of Seroif whom he had seen so far.

“Will this be the only way for you to be able to participate in that hunting competition?”

He never had gotten caught by Roelin, but Kergel was embarrassed for no reason before he proceeded to open his mouth bluntly.
Roelin then flinched as she slowly opened her eyes.
After she bit her lips slightly, she bowed her head towards him and extended her apologies.

“I apologize, Your Majesty.
Even though you’re so busy, you’re still taking some time to teach me, but I’m not good enough at all…”

“No, I didn’t mean to blame you.
It’s your first time riding a horse, but you are still pretty good at it.”

Kergel paused at her apology and shook his head.
He was embarrassed and ashamed of himself, so he knew well why he had complained more to her.
He clicked his tongue once again since he felt pathetic about treating her in that manner inwardly.

‘I’m just glad that there was no one else around me.’

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Had it been for a maid or the quick-witted Heinez, they would have definitely taken notice of his rather strange behavior.
Perhaps, he might have even realized the embarrassing thoughts that he was actually having inside.

Then, he reflected on what he had thought a little while ago.

She was cute.

Kergel felt that his face was getting hot and eventually heaved a breath.

‘It’s crazy.
I must have gotten crazy for a while.’

Otherwise, it would have seemed that he was not able to comprehend his thoughts at all.

After trying to give up his own embarrassment, he looked at Roelin once again.
Following the fact that he had voiced out whether she would be able to attend the hunting contest in that manner, he could see that she appeared even more discouraged.

Kergel, who was observing all of that, eventually narrowed his forehead before clicking his tongue.

Honestly, he could never say that she was a good rider.
To evaluate objectively, it would be no exaggeration to mention that her skills were absolutely at the bottom.
No matter how much she was riding a horse for the first time, there had been no one in Seroif who couldn’t even ride it well.

So, what he said a while ago was not wrong at all—nor did he utter such harsh things either.

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