The Fake Princess of the Separate Palace (3)

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It was then did Erita suddenly change the subject.

“Oh, you don’t know yet, do you?”


“Emperor Seroif has sent me a letter of proposal.”

“Ah… Is that so? Congratulations.”

Roelin blinked for a moment—blankly—before bowing her head belatedly.
If the Emperor of Seroif Empire had sent a letter of proposal, the party in concern would certainly be Erita.

Was she here today just to show off about that?

Becoming the Empress of the great Empire that was occupying half of Cesan’s Continent.

But contrary to Roelin’s expectations, Erita gave an unexpected response.

“Well…… who is it that will be truly congratulated?”


Roelin looked up at her curiously.
Then, Erita stood up from her seat and looked down at Roelin with a bizarre smile.
Only then did she turn away as if nothing had ever transpired.

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“What the hell do you even mean?”

Roelin mumbled to herself while looking towards the door right after Erita left.
However, she couldn’t learn the answer.
No, she never expected to find a single answer at all.

*  *  *

But soon, Roelin had finally discovered the answer.

“……he, what’s that?”

Roelin’s blue eyes were wide open.
And a pair of similarly colored eyes was staring back at Roelin with such a cold glow.

“It meant literally.
Leave for the Seroif Empire.
Be the wife of Emperor Seroif—as the stand-in for Erita.”

“……Your Majesty.”

Roelin’s face immediately turned white.
She was terribly surprised to hear the sudden news.
Even so, she soon shook her head after clearing herself out of shock.

“That’s just not fair.
How can I be her stand-in? What’s more, being the wife of Emperor Seroif on the behalf of your own sister? I can’t possibly do that……”

“You actually dare to disobey me right now?”

Lenoff cut her off before asking coldly.
Roelin immediately shook her lips and bit them in response.

Although they were brothers and sisters in private, she had never been treated as a real younger sister by him.
Even now, Lenoff was only giving orders as the King of Lacans—not as an older brother.

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A command to become the fake wife to Emperor Seroif while replacing her own twin sister, who disappeared all of a sudden.

‘Did he just call me here to say this?’

She didn’t have any expectations in the first place, but she felt frustrated anyhow.
Roelin deemed herself to be so ridiculous that she still tried to swallow down a bitter smile.

She was suddenly called in by the King himself, Lenoff, in the middle of the night.
The maids of the Separate Palace were all surprised and confused.
They had never heard of it before, so it was natural that they got flustered and were at a loss.

Anyway, it was just a while ago that she finally managed to dress herself up before following the attendant to the Main Palace.

Until then, she never imagined that her brother would actually say something like this.

To behove the Empress of the Seroif Empire by being the stand-in for your own twin sister.
To deceive the man who had proposed to Erita as she became his wife.

She opened her mouth in a calm voice all the while brooding over her miserable inner thoughts.

“How dare I disobey the King’s direct orders? But I was just wondering if I could actually hide my immediate problems……”

“How conceited you are.”

Lenoff coldly cut off Roelin’s words.
She looked at him in chagrin.
He continued while still looking at Roelin hostilely.

“I never allow you to worry like that.
How dare you belittle my orders as just a mere cover?”

Roelin tried opening her mouth to justify herself.

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But as soon as he blurted those words, she immediately closed her mouth.

What else could she say?

To someone who didn’t even want to listen to her at all.

She had never been allowed to do that.
Roelin’s long eyelashes soon hung down.

With her eyes casted downwards, she said nothing for a moment.
The silence had made a crease in Lenoff’s brow, as if he did not like that.

Right at that moment, Roelin looked up again and peered at him.

“I will obey your orders.”

“Well thought.
How nice of you to answer like that.
I’m already in much trouble with Erita anyhow.”

Lenoff nodded his head as he straightened his frowned brows.
Roelin slowly rose from her seat as she merely listened to it.

“May I take my leave, then?”

“Let it be.
It has been very late.
Oh and let’s also follow the advice of the Head of State on a number of issues, including moving to Erita’s own palace.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

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Roelin bowed her head as she responded.
Then, Lenoff waved his hand as if he had already said all that he had to.
Once again, she bowed with courtesy before turning around slowly.

She proceeded to open the door and tried leaving, but she soon stopped as she looked back once more.
Lenoff stood up and looked at Roelin while appearing rather puzzled.

“Why? Do you have something to tell me?”

Roelin, who was still looking at his maddening face, softly asked in a calm voice.

“Do you know my name?”

“Your name? Should I know that? Now, you’re just ‘Erita’ anyway.”

Lenoff narrowed his brows and split them apart.
Roelin smiled silently and gave a nod.

“Yes, sir.
That will be enough.”

“What? What’s enough…”

She turned around without even listening to Lenoff.
Roelin’s expression appeared utterly regretful when she opened the door and withdrew herself.

I understood.”

Yet Roelin continued walking with a more relaxed face, like someone who had finally cleared away all the lingering remains of doubt.

‘It’s a good thing actually—if this is truly the way out of this great prison.’

She retorted inwardly.

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