Who is the Fake Bride? (4)

Far from showing any signs of joy, the blood was instead drained from the cheeks that had just been dyed red earlier.

“…oh no, I just… it’s just—it’s so sudden.”

Roelin was completely stammering before she turned away from his gaze then.

She suddenly felt chills all over her body as if a cold chunk of ice had stuck in her chest.
And she was breathless just like someone had muffled her mouth and nose.
Eventually, she clutched on the front of her clothes tightly.

Why would a delegation come from Rakain anyway?

The only thing that had filled Roelin’s head was that particular question.

There were no actual frequent exchanges between Seroif and other countries.
Moreover, there was no reason to send over a delegation as long as the national spirit had already been held in the first place.

Therefore, her question was perfectly natural.
There must be some other kind of intention.
And it was… perhaps related to herself as well.

‘It didn’t just end with being married off?’

Roelin unwittingly shuddered and trembled.
She thought that she had finally escaped, but she was still afraid that she might be dragged away back to the Rakain Palace.

“Empress, what’s wrong with you all of a sudden? Is anyone out there? Lucy!”

At that moment, she felt a warm embrace that hugged her.
At the same time, Kergel’s urgent voice was heard.

Roelin barely opened her mouth, grabbing her arm in her arms.

“Well—I’m fine.
Your Majesty.”


“I’m telling you, it’s just… it’s a surprise.
It’s just—that’s just all.”

“Are you absolutely sure you’re okay?”

Despite what Roelin had said, Kergel still did not let go of her arms as if he could not afford to relax just yet.

Roelin nodded repeatedly to reassure him.
Then, he exhaled and gestured to Lucy, who just came into the bedroom, to take her leave once more.

After the door was closed, Kergel exhaled again and released the arm that he was still holding onto.

“I guess it’s because you’re not feeling that well yet.
Try to rest some more.”

“That’s all right… You also said that you wanted to ask me something.”

Roelin was bewildered by the touch that tried to lay her down, but she suddenly remembered what he had said and posed a question instead.
Then, Kergel gathered his brows as if he was dissatisfied with something before he soon said something in a rather embarrassed tone.

“That’s… I’m not really worried about it, but since Heinez has a usually thorough personality, he’s actually worried about it.”


“He was afraid that you might say something unnecessary or even anything like that in front of the delegation from Rakain—like we haven’t spent the first night properly…”


Roelin listened intently to Kergel and only later did she understand what he had said before her face was soon dyed red.

Kergel, who was facing her face, also blushed with some awkwardness before he glanced away and continued.

“Well, I’m sure you won’t talk that lightly.
But still, if you meet people from your home country, you might unintentionally bring this up in a happy mood instead.”

Roelin felt the heat in her inflamed cheeks was slowly cooling down.
It was because of the fear and frustration that she had forgotten for a while were overwhelmed by the words of ‘first night’ that he brought up all of a sudden.

Then, Kergel’s voice could be heard once again.

“I hope I didn’t say something too unpleasant.”

“I’m not offended at all, Your Majesty.
And you don’t have to worry about that because I won’t say something hastily as well.”

She lowered her eyes calmly for a moment as she blushed before she proceeded to lift her gaze slowly and looked straight at him.

“It will never happen.”

Roelin declared once again.

How could she even do that—unless she was crazy?

The news of the delegation coming from Rakain felt like it made her heart pound faster as well as a feeling of being repulsed.

But she didn’t have the power to stop it at all.
Rather, it was necessary to prepare a play to welcome them as ‘Erita’ instead.

The mere thought of it had made her head throb again.
She didn’t want to think about anything anymore since the fever had already risen and her head grew even more dizzy.

“I’m glad you’re so determined.
You still look pale, so lie down and have some rest again.
I’ve interrupted your rest far too much.”

When Kergel saw that Roelin’s complexion turned much paler, he hurriedly rose from his seat.
Then, Roelin tried to get up as well.
He instantly grabbed her by the shoulder and opened his mouth.

“Just lie down.
Oh, and last time…”


Roelin looked at him with her eyes wide open once again.
However, Kergel eventually hesitated and soon shook his head.

“No, nothing.”

He also wanted to ask her to not say anything about the wolves when they went outside the Palace last time.

After all, there was nothing more important than that.

If Heinez had known about this, Kergel thought that he might be trying to prevent Erita from confronting Rakain’s delegation completely.

Although she did not know the secrets that were related to the ‘wolf tribe’ in detail, it was clear that she must have witnessed his abilities firsthand and had questions about it too.
But somehow, he didn’t wish to talk about that day again.
He didn’t want this woman to look at him in any other different way…

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