Chapter 89: Sword Dragon of the Blue Sky (4)


The first emotion I felt after the transcendental speed drop ended was regret.

「 A soul has absorbed an attack on the user.

「 A soul has absorbed an attack on the user.

「 Soul of Earth Snake has been consumed.

「 Soul of Earth Snake has been consu…」

「 Soul of Earth Snake has been con… 」

Even after all remaining souls had been consumed for passive shield after replenishing the mana.

My vision was so red that I had no idea what was happening.

I could only assume that my brain wasn't hurt that poorly from the fact since I could still think.

「 Activating the skill ‘Ashen Blood.’ 」 

「 All pain inflicted on the user is reduced by 40%.

I couldn't feel anything, as though I didn't have any sensory system.

But one thing was sure, I wasn’t in a normal state right now.

I couldn't see anything, hear anything, and my sense of touch was so dull that it seemed almost non-existent.

To that extent, I could see for sure that I was seriously injured.

It almost felt like a lie that I protected myself by the Wrought Iron Pendant and The Vampire Count's Old Tailcoat.

I was naive.

I didn't think of the after-effect with the thought that I had really become a being that transcended a human being.

Of course, seeing myself still alive and activating skills, I didn't think I was totally wrong there, but—

'I'll have to think about after-effects from now on.'

Even so, I didn't want to keep moving like this to the point where I'd destroy my body.

「 By having a narrow escape from death, Skill Ashen Blood's proficiency went up by 20%.

Well, seeing my proficiency increase like this, I think I could move a little bit more recklessly, too.

In the midst of complicated thoughts, I soon felt my vision slowly coming back.

At the same time, the sensation of my stiffened body, as if they were paralyzed, soon returned with the excruciating pain.


I wondered why I couldn't feel anything, but my situation was more severe than I thought.

Fortunately, I wrapped around my body with steel wings, so I didn't allow any external attacks.

But my legs were completely crushed that their shape couldn't be recognized, and perhaps my left hand flew somewhere.
It couldn't be seen anywhere.

Of course—

'This actually regenerates, huh.'

Injuries that would've been difficult to regenerate even with a regeneration potion began to heal within seconds.

The skeleton of the crushed leg was newly created, the flesh was added, and the lower body returned completely.

And for the missing left hand, flesh began to wriggle from the wrist and then immediately reproduced the shape of the hand.

I moved my hand, truly feeling relieved about the fact that I had combined the Ashen Blood skill in the waiting room before.

Thanks to my hand being intact, I was still holding the Heavenly Blood Demonic Sword safely.

And the Vampire Count’s Old Tailcoat didn't look damaged either.

At that, I stood up, slowly spreading the steel wings that covered my body.


After standing up from the remains of the building, I dragged my trembling legs and stepped out of the remains.

Soon after, I spat out the blood that had gathered in my mouth and muttered to myself as though I was fed up.

“…I swear, falling from the sky is something you can't do twice.”

It was then—

“Who are you?”

I turned my head in the direction where those words were heard.

And I was shocked to see the young man in a blue martial arts uniform standing there.


Contrary to what I expected, Sword Dragon of the Blue Sky, Namgung Hyuk, wasn't seriously injured.

Of course, there was blood running down his lips, but he didn't appear seriously injured as I did.

'How come…'

The charge that just happened along with the drop was, frankly, the most lethal attack I could make.

Even if it doesn't have an infinite amount of usage like Sword Ki, it was certain that it's the best I could do in terms of killing.

However, looking at him having not even a proper wound, I couldn't help but be bewildered.

But as soon as I saw his swollen right hand and the sword in his hand.

I was able to understand why Namgung Hyuk was fine in a way that I wouldn't even want to imagine.

“…You, struck me away.”

He struck me, dropping while wrapped in steel wings, away in that instance.

As I wrapped myself in wings of steel and dropped, he struck me away with his sword at that instant.

No, to be more precise, he must've parried me away with his sword.

But that fact alone made me extremely nervous.

The charge that I just did was the one that gathered up all my mana in the body and slammed it into Namgung Hyuk.

However, Namgung Hyuk recognized this surprise attack and immediately parried it away with a sword.


“—Didn't I ask you a question? Who are you?”

There was no time for me to feel shocked about it.



I had no choice but to frown while blocking the sword that rushed towards me with Heavenly Blood Demonic Sword.

He was strong.

Namgung Hyuk wasn't only skilled in swordsmanship, but he also had considerable physical abilities.

Even though we had just exchanged a single attack, my hands were shaking, and it felt like it was about to break.

But, I bluffed even more for that and said while staring straight at Namgung Hyuk—

“You searched for me so eagerly, yet you can't even recognize me when we meet, huh.”

The moment when Namgung Hyuk frowned and opened his mouth at my mockingly spat words.

“…What do you—”

“You might figure it out if I do this.”

I immediately injected mana within my body into the sword and raised the corner of my mouth.

「 Activating the power ‘Sword Ki Master.’ 」 

「 Activating the skill ‘Lightning Sword Ki.’ 」 


The moment he witnessed the torrent of thunder that raged like a whirlpool around the sword.

Namgung Hyuk's eyes changed, and he opened his mouth as if he was in shock.

“Sword Ki…!?”


“I'm challenger Han Sungyeun.”

I roared at that moment, pushing Namgung Hyuk's sword like a storm.


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Facing an opponent I could never win, I squeezed out all my strength.

「 Activating the skill ‘Instant Acceleration.’ 」

Movement beyond the limit caused my bones and sinews to creak and damage my body.

And with the skill's effect, the mana that flowed through my body ran wildly, and the veins were torn apart.

My body rang an alarm and shouted that I wouldn't be able to come back if I crossed the line any further.

To the warning that was given to me by life itself…

「 Activating the skill ‘Wind’s Blessing.’ 」 

「 All speeds increased by 70%.

「 Number of stacks – 7/7 」 

I ignored it even without giving it any attention.


Even though we both didn't yield an inch.

Just a clash of pure power broke down the asphalt road.

Of course, in the midst of that, Namgung Hyuk just raised his eyebrows slightly as if he was surprised.

“Lighting Sword Ki?”

He wasn't bleeding from his mouth or shaking his arms as I did.

Moreover, before I knew it, the sword in Namgung Hyuk's hand was filled with Sword Ki.

“Don't tell me, you stole Baek Sunhak's swo…”

Ignoring Namgung Hyuk, who began to raise his voice, I twisted the sword I was crossing against his and aimed at Namgung Hyuk's neck, as though stabbing that opening in the moment.

Namgung Hyuk leaned his upper body back to avoid the sword that was slowly slipping like a snake and clicked his tongue.

“Full of unnecessary will to fight, this is why challengers from minor dimensions are…”

Clang clang!

However, Namgung Hyuk counterattacked my sword attack even with his swollen right hand.

“Such poor swordsmanship you have.”

What he said was true.

Namgung Hyuk's swordsmanship skill, which the Iron-Blooded Monarch guessed, was rank A.

But the swordsmanship skill I use is only a C-rank, so it'd be natural for him to be unsatisfied.

Nevertheless, I had the skills to make up for the lack of swordsmanship skills.

「 Activating the skill ‘Chaotic Sword-fighting Play.’ 」 

「 Attack speed with sword increases by 20%.

「 Current skill's number of stacks – 10/10 」 

Just like playing a sword-fight play, where you set a script and act it out.

Namgung Hyuk blocked all the attacks I did as if they were ridiculous.

With minimal movements, he blocked all the attacks that threatened his body, and he even occasionally parried the blades.

“Looks like Sword Ki is the only thing that you've stolen from Baek Sunhak.”

There was an absolute wall that couldn't be crossed.

But I didn't think I could defeat Namgung Hyuk with a sword from the beginning.

The reason why I was passionately attacking was just for this one moment.



Suddenly, a fire erupted behind Namgung Hyuk, and it spread around him.

「Due to the power 'Suppression of Fire', the stats of those who touch the flame will greatly be reduced.」

「Due to the user of power 'Suppression of Fire', you'll temporarily be immune to this flame.」

Looking at the two system messages that popped up, I looked away.

“The power has been activated…! Don't die until other challengers arrive!”

Soon after, I noticed Katheryn, who came through the remains of the building, shouting at me not to overdo it.

Then, Namgung Hyuk became extremely irritated, as though he realized I wasn't attacking him without any plans.

“Filthy little worm, I'll make you regret interrupting my fight.”

Namgung Hyuk irritatedly turned around and immediately moved to kill Katheryn, but—

He couldn't match me as I reached the level of transcendental mobility by activating all my skills.


Sparks burst from the swords clashing, and we both once again assessed each other's gap.

At that moment, I was sure that Namgung Hyuk had weakened and spoke sarcastically.

“Did you ask if I had stolen Baek Sunhak's sword?”


“I'll soon be using your Sword Ki, too.”

“How dare a mere minor dimension challenger fool me with your fake martial arts…!!”

It was then—

“I guess you didn't think that you could be defeated by that mere challenger from a minor dimension.”


Kim Seunghoon, who appeared with a bolt of lightning wrapped around his body, immediately swung his hammer at Namgung Hyuk.

Namgung Hyuk frowned at that attack, but he immediately backed away from me and took a defensive position.


Perhaps the impact was huge, Namgung Hyuk was pushed back, and he had to quickly focus on keeping his balance, but…

As though to prevent even that, a stake made out of ice was shot at Namgung Hyuk like a cannonball.


“I'll assist, too.”

It was a skill activated by Oh Choonsuk, with a magic book spread out in one hand.

After even blocking the bombardment of ice, Namgung Hyuk gnashed his teeth as though he was displeased and then opened his mouth.

“…It's really annoying that the numbers don't decrease no matter how much I kill.”

In an instant, Namgung Hyuk's eyes split open like the eyes of a reptile.
And the moment he began to emit out the bloodlust…

As an unknown chill engulfed my body, I sensed a crisis approaching.


A conclusion reached only by sheer instinct whispered to me.

That a ruler of the blue skies, which no one could handle, had awakened.


“It must be suffocating to keep wearing a mask, so I shall blow you away in advance.”

Before I could even respond properly to that intuition, Namgung Hyuk moved faster.

Just as Namgung Hyuk stretched out his feet, his image appeared in front of Kim Seunghoon's eyes as if the space was folded.

Namgung Hyuk accurately struck Kim Seunghoon's black mask with his left fist to destroy it.


Ignoring Kim Seunghoon, who flew to the remains of the building, Namgung Hyuk changed his target immediately.

To none other than Katheryn, who was putting restrictions on him.

Of course, Oh Choonsuk hastily activated the magic skill and unfolded an ice barrier, but…

It didn't work for a person who could blow Kim Seunghoon away even with restrictions.

Clink clank!

At the same time, as he destroyed the barrier of ice, Namgung Hyuk stretched out his sword as though to kill Oh Choonsuk.

But I moved right there, striking away Namgung Hyuk's sword, and I shot him with a Sword Ki in the form of a slash.


“Okay, I might as well take care of you first.”

Namgung Hyuk easily blocked the Lightning Sword Ki with lightning properties and made a bitter smile.

Then he reached out and grabbed the air as if he had grabbed me.

“Force duel.”


「 A duel area is formed within a radius of 30m due to the innate ability 'Force Duel'.」

「 Entry into the duel area is prohibited except for Challenger Han Sungyeun and Challenger Namgung Hyuk.

「 The duel area lasts for 10 minutes and cannot be destroyed.


Then, the moment when the 'Duel area' was formed by the curtain of light, only Namgung Hyuk and I were left.

“I didn't want to use it… but since I'm also carrying a restriction, let's just put it as both of us carrying the same restrictions.”

He muttered so, dissatisfied, and said while looking at me.

“I shall teach you that everything you use is nothing more than an imitation of martial arts.”

It was the beginning of a battle without any escape.


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